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List of South African slang words

Ah shame, the poor dog died. Derived from the English "aunt", with the original meaning still intact. The word has many meanings or uses: "hello", "goodbye", "yes", "cool".

Also associated with prison use. Greeting "Aweh, my bru. Similar: howzit, yooit, hoesit, yo. Refers to the 100 pénisz megnagyobbodása or penis. Refers specifically to the scrotum. Also means to be extremely angry kwaad tárgy pénisz a samp as in "Ek is nou so befok".

tárgy pénisz a samp

Can also mean "crazy" in a very strong sense, as in "Are you befok? Can also mean "to have sex with". Usually used to refer to a person who is often in a very bad mood.

English equivalent is "better to be safe than sorry". Someone who will lovingly do something tough no matter if the odds are stacked against him. Derived from the folk song "Jan, Jan, Tárgy pénisz a samp, die bielie van die bosveld". Which describes a man Jan who is willing to do any form of hard labour with a smile on his face. Originally from the British English phrase "bloody hell".

It derives from the Dutch word for "lightning", and often occurs in conjunction with donner. Daai weerlig was hard!

tárgy pénisz a samp

That lightning-strike was loud! Used as a curse in Afrikaans: "Jou bliksem! Refers to any person who has broken a law and got away with it. Derived from the Afrikaans word of the same spelling for "to cuff" i. The plural "boewe", refers both to multiple persons in arrest and the handcuffs themselves.

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Considered outdated as "bliksem" and "skelm" are more commonly used. May also be applied to DIY projects. In Afrikaans, literally "farmer's sausage", used as a mainstream word in South African English. Usually the term is primarily used by Southern Coastal regions to refer to the inland provinces that form a part of the plateau Gauteng and Free State province.

Of unknown origin, it is the Afrikaans equivalent of "poop". Due to the fact that it's the most child-friendly description tárgy pénisz a samp defecation. Another meaning for the word bokkie or bokbaardjie is for a style of beard which is short often pointy and stylish and often surrounds just the mouth and chin in a circle Goatee. Based on the Afrikaans word bok lit. Also a term for one who has shell shock.

Specifically to grill meat on an open fire.

tárgy pénisz a samp

Usually served as a side-dish to braaivleis. Often modified for performance.

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Common usage: "Don't get your broekies in a knot" which means "Calm down". All words are variations of the word "broer" milyen betegségek vannak a péniszen Afrikaans meaning "brother". Boetie Pronounced 'Boet - tea' specifically means little brother in Afrikaans because of the "ie" diminutive suffix. You could say, "Hey bro, howzit" or "Thanks a million bro for lending me your car". When you refer to another male as bro is it because you consider that person to be such a good tárgy pénisz a samp he is like a brother, a family member.

Bro can also be used for strangers but only also if you wish to show a welcoming and friendly attitude towards them or when you want to deescalate tension in a friendly way as in "Chill out bro".

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However you would certainly not walk around calling every man you see, bro, because in South Africa the term is not used as loosely as it is in the US for example. Traditions surrounding the event usually stipulate that any left-over food and drinks are left behind with the hosts of the party as a parting gift, unless the food was pre-prepared in a personal container.

Likely origin: Cockney rhyming slang "China plate" meaning "my mate" ; from early British immigrants.

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Also spelled tjommie. If you can call someone tárgy pénisz a samp chop it means they are being silly or an acting like an idiot, "Don't be a chop". Calling someone a chop often does not mean any harm, it is a light and playful insult and this word is most commonly used in a friendly way between associates. It can also be meant in a teasing way, like "dont be silly".

Is used when a person has had something done, or wants to have something done in a short amount of time. Derived from the chopping of a knife. Casual Fridays are tárgy pénisz a samp annually due to the public school system's dress code employing a uniform, similar to European school dress codes. So once or twice a year, students are encouraged to come to school in their civvies. Is considered a more playful sounding name. Often considered to be a part of illegal street racingdicing under the legal limit though is usually permitted, though still frowned upon.

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Can be a derogatory term for being overweight, similar to "dikgat", as well satiety or the sensation of being full dikbek — grumpy, in a huff literally: "thick mouth" pout dikgat — lit. Derogatory term for overweight people, same as "vetgat" diedonnerin; diemoerin; diebliksemin — lit. Dutch — dinges. Jou Ma se poes! Dog het gedog hy plant 'n veer en 'n hoender kom op — lit. Used in retort when someone says they thought something was a good idea and it turned out not to be.

Legendă, tradiţie, supoziţii asupra modificărilor estetice suferite, restaurare CRONICĂ Hubbes Éva: Ferenczi Géza — Szabó A ndrás: Speranţa creării unui mit: Szopos Sándor Az Olvasóhoz Tavalyi kiadásunk bevezetőjében még arról a törekvésünkről írtunk, hogy a ben elindított kezdeményezést igyekszünk hagyománnyá állandósítani és rendszeres időközökben megjelenő kötetek sorozatával szolgálni az olvasók érdeklődését, az erdélyi múzeumi tudományosság érdekét. Harmadik jelentkezésünk immár kétségtelenné teszi, hogy a kiadó eme igyekezete gyökeret eresztett és az ígéretes kezdet nem maradt folytatás nélkül. Minden hosszabb időre berendezkedő kiadványsorozathoz hasonlóan, az Évkönyv szerkesztőinek is állandó gondja — a folytonosság biztosítása mellett — az egyes kötetek színvonalának emelése.

Same as "bliksem". Derived from "donder" thunder, related to Thor. Often used in frustration with another person or thing: "Die donnerse ding wil nie werk nie. Originally refers to a tot measure. The diminutive form "doppie" refers to a bottle cap.

Refers to someone who is uninterested in choosing a side in an argument and therefore remains neutral. A crude but humorous way to say "go finger-fuck yourself" eh pappa! Expression of surprise. Of Bantu origin. A person that is weak. Derived from the phrase: Kyk Noord en Fok voort.

tárgy pénisz a samp

Look North, and go forth. A response to an unanswerable question vulgar.

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Literally means "absolutely nothing" vulgar : Ek het fokkol geld "I've got no money". Also refers lit. Can also be used as a shortened version of the word "gaan" going to.

Az egyes kórházak napjainkban a xp pancreatitis kezelésének sok esete szerepel. A hasnyálmirigy-gyulladás az emésztőrendszerhez társuló betegség, amelyet a hasnyálmirigy gyulladása kísér.

I've had enough of your shit. Usually a negative connotation in relation to a person being either: stubborn, fussy or demanding and sometimes also relating to hypochondriasis. Literal English translation will align it with "-ness" a. An example is: "hardegat-geit" lit.

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Gaap is Afrikaans for yawn. Also tárgy pénisz a samp to a viral television advertisement from the s involving a little boy playing with his toy Ferrari Testarossa by the South African Oil company, Sasol.

The term also tárgy pénisz a samp one of Sasol's signature slogans. For example, "What a G! Also a degrading term for a person of coloured origin. Also a famous line by South African comedian Barry Tárgy pénisz a samp. The closest English equivalent would be "hair-raising". Usually used in the phrase "ek gril myself dood vir Translated - "gee da n gwai" hardegat- gheit — lit. Describes the stubbornness of a person. Hier kom Groot Kak!

In South African English context, howzit is more a greeting of "hello" rather than "how are you? Stop the lorry! Often used to call an immediate halt in whatever is being done, usually in conjunction with a possible undesirable outcome.

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It also refers to "run very fast" "Daai man hol so vinning"; "That man runs so fast". Also refers to anus. Refers to hysterical laughter. The word is derived from the early Dutch term for the Khoi-San people. Referred to in tárgy pénisz a samp U. It also is considered a nickname for the Volkswagen Type 2 and Volkswagen Type 2 T3due to both vehicle's immense popularity in that configuration.

Even though it is technically a panel vanit's still referred to as a "karretjie". Used to describe levels of excitement, similar to "tickled pink". Unlike the actual disorder, it is often used to comically exaggerate a person's reaction férjemnek merevedési problémái vannak any kind of symptoms that are generally considered harmless regardless of the discomfort caused by them.

Like when someone drinks cough-syrup after coughing just twice. Refers to an erect tárgy pénisz a samp. Refers to the weather phenomena known as a " monkey's wedding ". Can be used to describe an unlikely situation. Also refers to a song of the same name by Afrikaans singer Karlien Van Jaarsveld. For example, "Jinne meisie, jy maak my nou sommer Folyamatosan merevedem, mit tegyek jags.

Local variant of the American term " Average Joe. I'll jippo the alarm to not make a sound while we work on it. While the team was working hard all night, Byron was jippoing. Often used when you get a fright, but equally often during particularly exciting parts of a rugby game. It is also the formal title given to address a female teacher of any age or marital status, whereby "Juffie" would be considered informal.

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